Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Episode 5

Highway to hell

After returning from setting up the aquarium the group went about recovering and building up the fortification of the bunker. Dyson slowly got sick, but prepared to give a speech to the whole group talking about the new order, which would leave him as supreme commander during combat. Outside of combat, a council would vote and make decisions, made up of McGovern, Petrova, Givens, Durgan, and Dyson, with Dyson having tie-breaker status.

When Dyson prepared to give his speech, he began vomiting (literally) out a demon that attacked.

The group destroyed it and set Dyson up in quarantine. The group went to head back to the city, but on the way their convoy was attacked by rpgs, which turned out to be fired by strange humanoids with cephalopod heads (like the one they found at the aquarium). Ultimately they were victorious, but not before McGovern went down. Givens was able to stabilize him.

The group continued on to the aquarium to deliver supplies, after which Durgan went off to see his dryad friend, and Dr. Petrova slipped away.

The next day the group set out to try and get power to the city restore, stopping at a mall and scavenging supplies and encountering more alien life forms. Upon approaching where the power plant should be the gieger counter started going off, and they found only a crater where the power plant had been.

The day after this the group went to the Carnegie Science building looking for salvageable tech, of which they found several data files (including an encrypted one about a robot that had become self aware).

The the PCs have noticed two cars driving into the city (both have a large cross painted on their front, and contain humans), and that the base of the building has been surrounded by several dozen humanoids.

The group awakened the robot, found some geneticly spliced humans and brought them out of stasis, fought off a bunch of cannibal crazed humans, and found Petrova, who was missing her eyes (not gauged out) and had a small floating multi eyed thing with her.

The group, acting on dreams went to a local church where a lesser angel was about to sacrificed by demonic cult, and rescued it (it flew away and left them to deal with the demons)


Xerxes Archaeological Records:
From the Journal of Dr. Jasper Shipman
2395 June 19, 6:00 PM
New troubles have arrived on this colonization expedition. We set out from our underground bunker to take some much needed fuel supplies to the outpost we have started to establish within the remnants of the city of Dakur, as well as to deliver a speech from our appointed commander, Srgt Dyson, err, Ahn Dyson as he is now being called. Where the hell these new titles have come from I do not know, but I have been given the title of Mah, which seems to be the equivalent of a Major in the Terran military. Regardless, we set out at first light and while traveling on the remains of the high ways system our convoy was attacked by RPGs from the highway’s protective walls. The battle that ensued was quick but not without loss, Esmerelda Hutchinson was tragically cut down by one of our own (must look into how our companions continually seem to be influenced by some of the alien life forms found on this planet), and we nearly lost Dr. McGovern. Our attackers were mostly human along with some sort of alien cyborg and a pair of cephalopoid xenomorphs, which appear to have been the leaders, and certainly the most formidable. They carried an odd mix of archaic and surprisingly advanced technology. I count us lucky that we survived at all. Several hours were spent getting our vehicles in working order while Dr. McGovern was also healed, and then participated in the gruesome job of extracting the cybernetics from our fallen companion, gruesome but necessary in this world of limited resources we find ourselves in. We managed to make it to the city without further incident, at which point Khul Durgan left to go into the local overgrown park (what kind of idiot goes off on their own… it is scary to think that with our current hierarchy he is the next in command… hopefully, I guess, Ahn Dyson does not succumb to the ?infection? he is sickened with). With supplies delivered, Mah Givens set about being a responsible next in command and looked into how the occupants of the Aquarium were doing, since the Khul was not around to take care of these duties himself. I went to work on repairing the vehicles further, and repairing is a loose term. Without proper parts and scavenged items from other makes of automobiles these repairs seem unlikely to survive another attack like the one that led to this state. Perhaps if Ahn Dyson does succumb, the next leader will be more understanding of the need to acquire an electromagnetic furnace and 3D printer to make real parts and other tools. At some point after we arrived at our outpost, Dr. Petrova, one of the few individuals who seems to be my equal, disappeared. Surprisingly none of our commanders seemed bothered by this and did not try to send out a search party to determine her fate. I fear she may have been out recklessly scavenging materials and been captured by one the xenomorphs. For her sake I hope she has not, or that she is dead and will not be subjected to the cruelties that some of these xenomorphs seem capable of. Well the light is getting faint it is probably best to try and get what sleep I can, though I doubt there will be much as we all lack beds, or anything other than a concrete floor to lay upon.

2395 June 20, 6:00 PM
This day was somewhat less harrowing than the previous. Our main goal was to go to the city’s power plant and try to get it up and running. Along the way we stopped, at Dr. McGovern’s insistence, for reasons unclear to me, but apparently clear enough to Durgan and Givens, at one of the cities malls. Inside we found a bizarre creature, with a gray orb of a body with one eye and ten tentacles, each ending in lamprey like mouths. Interestingly the creature seemed to float through the air and was able to generate electricity, which was discharged when it was slain. I wonder if its levitation was in part due to the electrical pulses flowing through it. With the only apparent threat destroyed we went about scavenging from several of the stores, finding little of use, but at least materials for some to sleep better. We would next have gone to the power plant, but as we got closer to its location we found that the buildings were more decrepit than usual, and our Geiger counter indicated higher levels of radiation. Scaling one of the nearby apartment buildings we beheld a large crater where the plant, and several nearby buildings once had been. The reactor itself could not have produced such a crater, leading me to wonder what might have. Our main goal deferred, we returned with our collection of equipment to our outpost, and I began working on a system that could help to scrub out the excess oxygen for us, since we lack the adaptation of the native born to handle the higher oxygen content, I came close to success, but using parts that were never meant to be assembled such has left me with some faulty electrical systems. Perhaps if Dr. Petrova hadn’t also disappeared the previous day we might have been able to get this system online.

2395 June 21, 10:30 AM
We have set out to gather supplies and technology. We currently are inside the Carnegie Science building, and what we have found. The advances in technology they were making before the asteroid shattered civilization are astonishing. I have managed to download several of the plans for cybernetics, robotics, and nanobots and am pouring over the designs. We have also found a project involved in splicing human and animal DNA to produce supper soldiers/individuals capable of handling extreme environments. Of greatest interest to me, however, is an encrypted file that discusses an android that seems to have developed AI anomalies. The initial file was very vague, and all of the onsite documents have been heavily encrypted. I’m working to try and break them so that we can be more aware, but the robot, a Par-3 domestic robot, seems to have developed a self aware AI! If it has this could be a truly fascinating find and an amazing leap forward in artificial intelligence and digital advancement.

Episode 5

Note from Dr. Givens:

I figure that since we are establishing ourselves on this new planet (i.e. expanding our ranks and setting up forward camps) and there are “human elements” present we should have a way to designate who we are to others. I submit this design for your approval. I can set Arlo (my robot) making this patches as soon as I have a consensus.

return message to Dr. Givens et al.

While I appreciate the attempt to raise our morale with a unifying symbol, I believe that we are still here as representatives of Xerexes. Sure, things got royally fragged, causeing our mission to change, but that does not mean we need to change our colors. We crashed here as a Xerxes expeditionary force, and we survived under the same colors. We will continue to operate under the same insignia as we have to date.

As a side note- Givens, your enthusiasm impresses me. Our people have gone far too long without any rec. I would like you to organize some kind of event so everyone could blow off some steam. A poker tournament, flying-bear roast, hell, even a square dance would do. I prefer a poker tournament. Use the resources you need, within reason. We will open those stills Petrova has been working on.

We have a toe hold here, folks. Lets not frag it up and get extinct.


F u dude. I worked hard on that (or my robot did). Your devotion to that ancient religion…(something, something Star Wars quote). As an idea we could raffle off the women.

[[You guys don’t have that many women to raffle off, especially since one of them got killed last session, and I think it was by Dr. Givens that poor poor Krystal Scarlet who survived so many horrors and graduated from a red shirt into a real NPC had her head blown up like a watermelon]]

Episode 5

Dyson’s speech:
Dyson addresses all present at the bunker before we leave:

Colonists, Survivors, my people…

As you know, through unforeseen, tragic events, we have been stranded on this primal, fallen world. From the first we were beset by ferocious native species, horrendous mutated beings…even dinosaurs. We have survived, though. Together we came together and survived.

We are faced with many challenges. The air is toxic after time. We have severely limited resources. We have had too many deaths… but besides the obvious problems, we have yet another. Being complacent with the way things were. Old habits. Old protocol. Old beliefs. We need to evolve to survive this vicious world. As our predecessors here did. They held onto what makes us human- our morality. Our tenacious drive to survive and prosper. But they adapted. To survive. And we must now adapt, too.

I have restructured the military hierarchy based on the personnel we have available to us. And we have organized the civilians into production teams based on their skill sets. We will still hold onto what makes us, us. You will see changes in the future, though, that may seem questionable, or possibly even foolhardy. Know that these changes are all made for the benefit of all of us here, as well as any new people we may come to rescue.

I was not groomed for command. I was an infiltration specialist. Circumstances conspired to put me in this position, though. I may have fumbled a bit initially, but I have stepped up to accept the calling placed before me. I am committed to protect all of us. I do this for the greater good….

I know that people are tired, hurt, hungry. But we have prevailed, and even taken a few baby steps forward. We have fortified and developed this bunker to serve our needs. We have a toe hold in the nearest city and are discovering new resources daily. We found many new friends. I need your further help, though. I ask for you all to submit any ideas, needs, criticisms. We want to continue to make our situation here better, and none can do it but us. All those on the production crews, please bring these concerns up to Mach Novak. Military units, bring them to me. We will survive this, people. Count on it. Believe Dyson, Ahn of the New Army of Xerxes

New Hierarchy and squad formations
General Ahn
Colonel Khul
Major Mah
Caption Mach
Lieutenant Mhul
Sergeant Shaw
Corporal Jhes
Private Hhas

Command Squad 2nd Squad
Dyson (Ahn) Chris Serrano, Level 6 (Mhul), mecha operation, melee combat expert
Durgen (Khul) Rodrigo Poole, level 2, (Shaw) melee combat specialist, amphib expert
McGovern (Mah) David Godson, Level 3, (Jhes) Ranged weapon specialist
Givens (Mah) Dahlia Shift (Hhas)
Red Top (Jhes) Carmine Chemise (Hhas)
Ruddy Blouse (Hhas) Fuchsia Veenec (Hhas)
Coral Parka (Hhas) Cerise Jersey (Hhas)

3rd Squad
Edwin Booker, level 5, (Mhul) melee combat expert
Guss Moss, Level 5, (Shaw) ranged combat expert
Claret Coat (Jhes)
Garnet Sweater (Hhas)
Cherry Polo (Hhas)
Magenta Poncho (Hhas)
Crimson Pullover (Hhas)

Command Squad
Dr. Fabian Novak, level 4 (Khul), Medical Expert
Nadine Vargas, Level 2, (Mhul) Starship pilot

Puce Jacket (Jhes) Vermillion Butondown (Jhes)
Ruby Sark (Hhas) Rose Shirt (Hhas)
Scarlet Tunic (Hhas) Russet Blazer (Hhas)
Blush Turtleneck (Hhas) Sanguine Hoodie (Hhas)

Jasper Shipman, level 4, Engineer/Scientist (Mah)
Esmerelda Hutchinson, level 3, medic (Mah)
Bob Sharp, level 2, BioChemist (Mah)
10 + civ ordinaries

Episode 5
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