Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Episode 4

A Night at the Museum


The group went to the fallen city of Dakur for supplies, and entered the central bank where they encountered a strange worm like creature that kept several of cannibalistic infected humans tied up, and was supported by some small 4 armed aliens.

Later the group entered the Natural History Museum on a mission lead by Sgt Dyson, and encouraged by Dr. Givens, Dr. Petrova, prvt Durgan, and Dr. McGovern. They encountered several demons, including a gigantic bipedal goat-human hybrid, which decimated the party, slaying several service men (including Prvt Scarlet) and delivering what seemed to be a fatal wound to Dr. Petrova and nearly killing Sgt Dyson (though it did succeed in raping him). The weapons of all seemed to do barely any damage to the beast, except for Dr. Given.

Once the foul beasts were dispatched:
Prvt Durgan and Prvt Ashford (Mark) showed up to the museum carrying the requested fire extinguishers. At this point Prvt Godson, Prvt Moss, and Dr. McGovern, took Dr. Petrova’s unconscious body back to the bank, while went to check out the Xerxes Fauna room, encountered some black gargoyle creatures, then encountered some green gargoyle creatures. Prvt. Durgan at this point said there was a man in the building summoning them into the museum and he needed to be stopped from bringing any more and so they pressed forward (even after having some fun encounters with Charm), found the room in the Ancient Terran Exhibit where a man was chained to a sarcophagus next to a burning pentagram. In the room they saw 2 red gargoyle creatures, 2 blues ones, 1 black, 1 white, and 1 green. The group there (including you Dr. Givens) decided that the glass globes that the gargoyle creatures were carrying must provide them with some protection from Charm (and they managed to save a couple from shattering) recklessly broke them open and chugged them to see what happened. Prvt. Ashford became hyperactive, Sgt. Dyson is now emitting shadowy darkness in a 20’ radius that even the blackout goggles are not penetrating properly, Prv.t Serrano is feeling pretty good and healthy, and Dr. Givens is feeling a sense of calm, which will quickly wash away. The group is preparing to storm the room, kill the demons, and Prvt. Durgan wants to try and save the man summoning the demons.

Tune in 8-12-12 to see the thrilling conclusion. Who will live, who will be charmed, who will run away like a scared little girl because they don’t have full hit points.

After having Private Durgan and Serrano spending most of combat chasing their companions around the group was victorious in destroying the demons in the museum (maybe). They recovered several more pairs of bracers and were able to identify several of the potions. They then limped back to the base to heal and rest.

Last session they finished off the museum. They found a room with 7 abishai of various colors with 5 sacrifices and a human summoner who were attempting to gate in another demon more powerful than the ram one that you first encountered. They were fighting them and ran into some issues (to start Taylor broke off attacking the abishai not involved in the ritual and attacked at the image of the demon being summoned, and was then promptly charmed, as were all the other soldiers except for Chris who spent a couple rounds running away from them. McGovern snuck up on the caster, pretended to be joining him and then started killing him, completely disrupting the casting, only problem is once he was dead and the demons didn’t have someone that could complete the ritual they snapped the necks of all the sacrifices and the group went form fighting 2-3 abishai to 7. They managed to win the day by the skin of their teeth due to Given’s holy attacks breaking some charms and utilizing a necklace of fireballs by igniting all the fireballs at once into a fire ball of 96 damage. And that’s where things officially ended. Petrova hasn’t been healed yet, just stabilized, but will be healed up as soon as they officially come back from the museum.

Either of the doctors can provide Long Term Care (Treat Injury DC 15) to anyone (using up 1/10 of a med kit) to enhance the healing rate of the injured (Among NPCs Serrano, Moss, and Valerie). Petrova was stabilized, but I’m not sure if she got treat injury to be placed above -9 hit points (Alex can answer that). If she is still in the negatives than surgery is probably the better option and should be done by McGovern since it will take 1d4+9 hours and use 1/6 of a surgery kit (is a DC 20 treat injury, -4 if you don’t have Surgery Feat)

As a note remember that the potions are in sealed glass globes, which makes taking them in your case rather difficult.


Translated from Gaelic


Thought I should touch base with you since you seem to “speak my language.” I’m writing in Gaelic since we seem to be the only ones who understand it.

I seem to have been visited by three different factions through my dreams. These dreams were very clear and easy to remember unlike most dreams. In the first two, I was promised power over life and death. It really seemed like a deal with the devil. On the third dream, I encountered an elderly knight tending to wounded on a battlefield. I was presented with the opportunity to heal, both on a physical and metaphysical level. He referenced both man and “those not of man” ( I took this to be the native of Xerxes). I accepted his offer and was inducted as an “initiate of Bridget.” Since then, I have “met” Bridget and been accepted into her service. My ability to damage the creatures we fought at the museum was her doing. I was instructed by her to investigate the museum and defeat the “devils” residing there. I feel I have been gaining her favor and seem to be developing abilities I did not have prior to these dreams. I feel that there is a connection forming between myself and…something else. I don’t know if its the biosphere of this planet, Bridget herself, or something else entirely. I don’t feel threatened and don’t feel that it wants anything other than to restore some semblance of “normalcy” to Xerxes.

Any thoughts on your experiences would be helpful. I don’t think either one of us started this trip with the ability to speak to leprechauns.

Dr. Jack Givens

Episode 4
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