Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Session 3?

A day at the aquarium

The group has been exploring the fallen city of Dakur, scrounging resources, and encountering strange creatures.

After finding the aquarium the wanted to use it for food and bio-fuel production. Inside they encounter a strange amphibious creature resembling a giant slug with tentacles that has been mentally controlling several humans. After dispatching it, they found a strange humanoid creature in a closet, which had had tentacles on its face in front of a beak like mouth, it was wearing a neural scrambler, until dispatched.

With the aquarium theirs, and several new citizens to care for the group quickly went about setting up a home base, and working to take advantage of the food it could provide.

Also they went about killing the sharks, octopi, and piranhas as well as releasing the tojanida into the river. The algae cultures were established in some of the tanks. Next day (Day 10) the group loaded up on Hummers and went to the park, Serrano almost got killed, and then they went back to the bunker to heal up and get stuff repaired. In the forest they fought a giant scorpion like creature, that used sonic vibrations to destroy Dyson’s gun and armor. They came across a grove with a dryad whom they helped defend her grove from a mutant elephant (which crited on Durgan and almost killed him in one tusk gore, doing 52 damage, and he just made is MDT save to avoid dying). They then fought off 3 reavers that also attacked. After they got back to the bunker they had a private discussion between the 5 PCs about leadership of the group and the future of where things are going and trying to improve things. The group talked about the dreams they’ve been having in general, that they’ve been getting contacted by outside forces and have gained some things from these dreams, but no one identified specifics of any kind.

Durgan discussed a lack of trust in some of the group members and that the group has been given the option of being good or evil and the group needs to focus on the harder, but good option (directing all of his attention to Dr. McGovern).


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