Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Session 02

Exploring Xerxes


One note, the NPC you rescued from the spider creatures, was found hanging in the bathroom after his first night and presumably seeing what he had turned into. He left a note scrawled in his own blood on the mirror saying: The sins of man shall become manifest and only by purging the non-believers and rejecting Satan in all his forms will mankind have a hope of entering Heaven.

Session 02

Personal Journal Entry of Private Krystal Scarlet:

2395 June 10 10:00 PM
I thought that the horrors of the theater were over, until we explored one of the cinema rooms, where the arachnid kept individuals cocooned. When cut open it was found that the strange four armed creatures had originally been humans who were slowly being changed into the abominations we fought. It was of little consolation to learn that these creatures were in turn being transformed into the half spider half man creature as well, which seems to be a breeding ground for the massive spider itself. An hour was spent scrounging through the theater turning up a a few cans of food and local map of the area. We took the one individual who seemed the least mutated with us (as a prisoner?), the rest were all executed with glee by Durgan.

Upon leaving the theater we made our way to the Digital Colosseum, the main library that was located on the other side of the city. Inside Petrova was able to jury rig some power to access the digital archives. Most of this was taken has server blades with information on the planet, but we were able to learn that 50 years ago there was some kind of asteroid that crashed and caused all of this, that and the giant lobster monsters have some smaller version that is smarter and a native to the planet.

Next stop was the Carnegie science building. I was left in the Hummer with the unconscious prisoner, while the rest went in to explore the building looking for a DNA analysis instrument. When the team came to leave, Durgan looked like he had picked up a case of the shits, but as they went to exit the building an ambush was sprung from the roof tops opposite. Two wolf-like bipeds fired tangler guns at us from the rooftop and a large four armed monster alternated between using its giant claws and a tangler gun to attack the unit. The battle was hard fought as the large monster shrugged off most of our attacks like they were flies brushing against it, both Durgan’s sword and laser blasts, the wolf like creatures were susceptible to laser but shrugged off most of Booker’s attacks with his swords. In the end I managed to blow the heads off of the snipers. Badly injured we tried to make a run for it, but the four armed beast ripped the front passenger tire off of the hummer. Luckily for us this put it at point blank range, and Petrova manned the hummer and blew half of its face off. A short while later with a new tire installed we drove out of the city and back to base to rest and seek medical attention. It’s a shame the men in this company are all incompetent in combat and leadership, Petrova and I may be the only ones to survive.

Session 02

Personal journal from Dr. Givens: And I reiterate FML.

Session 02

Dr. Givens is being small minded. According to Dr. Petrova, this is an opportunity to rebuild the ideal society in the form we want. There is the first simply the minor matter of figuring out what the hell is going on and how to deal with the wildlife. Common, didn’t you sign up for a challenge?!

Session 02
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