Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War


Dead Gods Rising

The group assembles at the launch base,all will be part of the landing party that will establish one of the cities on Xerxes 7. Some are doctors, others are scientist and engineers, but most are soldiers, recruited from other organizations or volunteers who have undergone basic training. At the station they say good bye to their families and friends, in some cases, and in all to their former lives, for they know there is no return. By the time they even arrive at Xerxes 7 millenia will have passed on Earth.

Before boarding shuttles a small lecture is given detailing what is known of Xerxes 7, further details about procedures while on board the ships, and what to expect upon arrival. They are told that most of the expedition will be kept in hibernation, with an active group on one ship directing the rest. The active group will be rotated so that all members will serve watch at some point, but the net physical gain in years will be only a few for each individual.

After many long boring hours the expedition is ferried up to the waiting ships, assigned quarters, briefed on the effects of hibernation, and then helped into pods by doctors to begin their long sleep.


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