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Newspaper Teasers - Diesel Punk World at War

US Troops Burst Through German Trench Lines

Washington, 8 August 1918.
The US military has quickly penetrated the Kaiser’s lines and the end of the Great War is surely in sight. The amazing feat was accomplished using the newly designed armored vehicles developed by the Transformer Electrical and Strategic Laser Agency. The unique design of the vehicles which utilized tracks instead of wheels allowed it to traverse the trenches and barbed wire, while heavy armor protected against machine gun fire…

Armistice Signed, End Of The War! Berlin Seized By Revolutionists; New Chancellor Begs For Order

Washington, Monday, Nov. 11 1919, 2:48 A.M.—The armistice between Germany, on the one hand, and the allied Governments and the United States, on the other, has been signed. The State Department announced at 2:45 o’clock this morning that Germany had signed. The department’s announcement simply said: “The armistice has been signed.”
Armistice was signed in France at midnight. Terms include withdrawal from Alsace-Lorraine, disarming and demobilization of Army and Navy, and occupation of strategic naval and military points. The Kaiser’s Zeppelin armada will be divided amongst the nations of France, Italy, Russia, and the United States…

Mussolini Unearths Da Vinci’s Lab

Rome, June 12, 1932
A team of archeologists and engineers who were doing work to restore the Pantheon to its Roman glory uncovered a chamber that has been a laboratory of famed inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. Among the many devices and pieces of artwork discovered the most astonishing is a series of automated suits of Renaissance armor…

Hitler Made Chancellor of Germany But Coalition Cabinet Limits Power; Centrists Hold Balance in Reichstag

Berlin, January 31, 1933
Adolph Hitler ushered into the seat of Chancellor of Germany, though the National Socialist Party lacks control of the Reichstag…

Hitler Made German Dictator; N. Y. Jews Protest Oppression

Berlin, March 23, 1933
After the burning of the Reichstag less than a month ago the German Parliament today voted to pass the Enabling Act, providing Adolf Hitler, recently elected to Chancellor less than three months ago, dictatorial powers. Hitler has pledged that the power given to him will be used with restraint, and will be focused upon ending unemployment and promote peace with France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union. Conflicting reports suggest that the distress the Parliament was responding to was caused by either German Jews or the Nazi party itself.
Only one man’s voice was raised against Adolph, that of Otto Wells, leader of the Social Democrats who stood up and spoke quietly to Hitler, “We German Social Democrats pledge ourselves solemnly in this historic hour to the principles of humanity and justice, of freedom and socialism. No enabling act can give you power to destroy ideas which are eternal and indestructible."
An enraged Hitler jumped up and responded, “You are no longer needed! – The star of Germany will rise and yours will sink! Your death knell has sounded!"
The vote was taken – 441 for, only 84, the Social Democrats, against…

Germany Defies all World Powers; Quits League, Arms Talk; Leaders Decide to Launch Parley Anyway

Geneva, October 15, 1933
Many statesmen expressed profound dismay that Germany dropped from the arms conference, from which some quarters expressed a hope for a solemn and sacred treaty to tighten the fabric of peace, restore world confidence, and terminate a costly armaments race…

Hitler’s rejection of the Treaty of Versailles

Washington, March 17, 1935
Hitler boasted Saturday, he had rearmed the Reich and seized the disarmed Rhineland. Still denouncing Versailles, he last week erased one of the most painful of the Treaty’s blots on German honor with a few words:

“I hereby and above all annul the signatures extorted from a weak and impotent Government against its better knowledge, confessing Germany’s responsibility for the late war.”

Mussolini Crushes Ethiopia

Cairo, May 5, 1935
After a short campaign, Mussolini’s clockwork soldiers have stamped out the last of the Ethiopian resistance…


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