Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Episode 8

The wonders of the east

The group arrived by ship in Hong Kong, March 5, 1938.

Part 1:
Having enjoyed the dry warm weather of the Indian winter, the group has made their way back to Mumbai, bored at staying in the backwoods of India, due to a lack of meat and running water, the constant smell of burning cow shit, and needing Josef to provide divine intervention against a barrage of parasites and diseases. Once back in the city they make their way to the Budapest Hotel, where Sir Thomas Inskip had said he would leave messages for them. Tanner and Andre took Sara up to a room to reduce the chance of her being seen by her husband’s affiliates.
Sam has a message waiting for him:

I hope you have been enjoying the weather, Europe continues to be overcast. You should go out and explore the orient, I’ve heard that the Orient is lovely this time of year. I have friend in Hong Kong, Gilbertine Burgraff, who could show you around to all of its sights. Your great Aunt Margaret has gone ahead and bought you and the boys some tickets and had them left under our name at the Berkshire Travel Company, I’m sure she would be thrilled if you could bring her back a nice trinket. You should make haste before India becomes too hot.


S. Piksni
Reading between the lines, Sam was able to determine that the Inskip was telling him that Europe was still to hot to go to after, he had been charged with the theft of the Khopesh of Turik from the Cairo museum, and that he probably had a mission for him in Hong Kong (he was surprised to learn that he had a great aunt Margaret, but reasoned she must be a pretty swell person to go buying the tickets for them.
The PCs arrive in Hong Kong, and meet up with Gilbertine Burgraff, an agent sent by Inskip, and learn of current world events (Italy’s invasion of Albania) and are told that some of the search for Sam has decreased but he would be advised to avoid Europe for a bit longer. That being said, Inskip does have a mission for the group. A wealthy Hong Kong businessman (Chen Din-hwa) is interested in acquiring the Jade Dragon, an artifact possessed by an ancient (believed to be mythological) Chinese general, Yuansu.
Yuansu was awarded the title Dragon of the West for his legendary repulsion of an invading demon army with the aid of a jade statuette carved in the shape of a dragon, which supposedly came to life. Chen has found evidence to suggest that his tomb may be located beneath the Temple of Frozen Winds monastery in the Tian Shan mountain range, near the border of China and Kyrgyzstan. He is offering a sizable reward to whoever can produce the statuette.
Inskip would like the group to go about acquiring it for two reasons. First the funds generated could be useful in paying for future sabotage operations against Hitler. Second, and more importantly, word of a German archaeological group leaving for Tian Shan mountain ranges has emerged, headed by Dr. Leopold Lehrer. Due to Russia’s occupation of Kyrgyzstan and closing of its borders, the Germans will need to spend some considerable time getting to the area, made more difficult by its remoteness. This delay should give the PCs time to get to the monastery first (will take them 1 month to travel there).
To celebrate, Sam and Angus go out for a night on the town, while Joseph and the rest stay in (possibly because of the Sabbath?). While out, Sam makes the acquaintance of a fellow Canadian ex-pat and they continue going out for a wild night, which ends spectacularly when they find themselves deep in the center of Hong Kong and a bar brawl is initiated, leading to the bar being set on fire and they escape into the night, sleeping in the gutters. Waking up hungover, they barely arrive back to the hotel in time to leave and head out on the train on their next venture with the rest of the party.

Part 2:
The group heads out first by train and then by camel heading towards the Frozen Winds monastery. A few of their guides and Sherpa were killed by Mongolian death worms, but otherwise their trip to the Tian Shan mountains went without incident. After scaling the mountain the arrived at the monastery, and spent some time with the monks, and set out the next day to the tomb. While looking around they found that the shrine could be moved, revealing a ladder going down into the mountain. The group went down and explored, finding a room filled with suits of armor, which animated and attacked the group, but were quickly dispatched by Joseph’s spells.

Part 3:
After resting from their encounter the group continued exploring the tomb, and came across a room with a depiction of demons and a jade dragon. While in the room they set off a trap, sealing them in the room, which quickly started filling with water. The group managed to disable the trap and continued on into the tomb, finding the resting place of General Yuansu, and the Jade Dragon. Upon touching the figurine, the group was transported to a mystical location where they were forced to face the avatar of Lóng yù (the Jade dragon). After Sam got a lucky shot as it teleported behind the group, Angus was able to land the killing blow.

The group found themselves returned to the tomb and made their way out and started moving back towards the monastery, when they were ambushed by a group of Nazis. An avalanche and a lucky shot by Angus took out the soldiers, but the group was forced to confront the terrifying fact that two Jewish prisoners had been animated and set loose. Joseph was able to banish the spirits animating them, and they brought their bodies back to the monastery.

While recuperating at the monastery, the group developed their plans for what to do on the following day, to search for the Nazis and find out if the source of the animation was still here (the evidence leading them to believe that it was caused by the The Dagger of Eternal Unrest, last seen in the hands of Dr. Leopold Lehrer).

Part 4:
The group awakens in the night to the screams of pain as the monks in the monastery die painful deaths and their corpses instantly freeze. Additionally, the group finds that all of the fires have been snuffed out (including the hot spring in the bath) and the temperature is rapidly decreasing. Angus and Sam move their unconscious companions into one of the cells and bundle them up, and investigate. When they get to the mess hall they find another monk who has died in the middle of late night meal. When Angus goes to check on the man, he awakens and strikes at him, cold emanating from this hands. Sam quickly dispatches the monk (and determines he must be a were-yeti). They find the kitchen is clear and has some firewood, and start a fire and move and barricade their companions inside, while they search for the cause (assuming it to be Nazi related).

After going outside they find the snow coming down and limiting visibility, but more importantly they see a hulking figure in the garden, which attacks them. After the battle, where they found their weapons were barely able to penetrate its thick hide, Angus felt confident that it was a strange Oni, and Sam was certain that it must be a hairless yeti.

The duo then entered the main hall and confronted a pair of ice demons. After dispatching them the dead monks in the hall animated and attacked them. They then explored the rest of the building and found a temple area and an empty locked room. Upon exciting they heard the sound of laughter and in a brief lull in the snow, they saw a figure fly through the air into the room of the head monk.

As they went through the other half of the monastery, they were attacked by the animated corpses of the monks, until they arrived at the master’s room and found a beautiful woman (who’s image had been seen throughout the monastery) and the animated body of the master, covered in shards of ice. The master blocked the door while the woman attacked the group with spells, badly wounding them. When the master fell, the woman quickly fled through the balcony. Sam and Angus quickly pursued the witch and upon entering the main hall, they were confronted by a an even larger oni/hairless yeti, which nearly wiped out the pair, if not for the appearance of Joseph, and the use of the Jade Dragon by Angus.

Part 5


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