Setting Background_WWII


The campaign takes place in an alternate Earth timeline, where Victorian Diesel Punk machinery supplants some of the time periods actual technology. Additionally, in the shadows of the world rumors of occult happenings run rampant, ranging from those who can perform exorcisms to the peddlers of love potions and suspect fortune tellers.

The year is 1937, the world is still recovering from the scars of the Great War. A radical politician has swiftly risen in Germany to the position of Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler; the fascist movement in Italy has culminated with Benito Mussolini rising to Prime Minister of Italy; and strange tales in Russia tell of the Romanovs returning. Tensions are rising amongst the nations, many of which are loath to enter another world war.


The main emphasis of skills will be for overcoming skill challenges (events that will make it easier to overcome/stop a powerful enemy or to make your way into the lost temple), but social skills will have their place as well.

Like the great heroes in many of the suggested movies (Indian Jones in particular) sometimes the heroes will come across situations where their only option is running or surrendering. If the situation seems like the odds are greatly stacked against you, surrender may be the better option, and you can always escape later.

Also sometimes the enemy will win the objective, and this may be for thematic or story development… but this doesn’t mean the PCs actions are inconsequential. In these cases the more difficulty the enemy has in obtaining its objective will result in benefits later. Additionally, there will be quest rewards given out if the enemy only won the objective because of “cheating”.

Setting Background_WWII

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