Point Buys

To start characters receive 84 points to spend on their ability scores. Max scores of 18 and minimum scores of 3 per standard.

At no cost characters may choose to be either abnormally large or small. Such characters tend to have negative reactions from others, especially those of mob mentalities, though this is not necessarily a given. They also tend to have shorter life spans, not that many PCs tend to die of old age.
Midget: +2 to DEX, -2 to STR, small size.
Giant: +2 to STR, -2 to DEX, large Size.

After setting a character’s basic ability scores the following Traits and Disadvantages can be purchased using either character points (or money in some cases). A character cannot have more than 10 character points worth of disadvantages (this may be modified latter, so feel free to say the disadvantages you’ve taken and it may be allowed). If there is any disadvantage/trait that you would like that you do not see listed you can ask and we will see about allowing it. Note that Increased Ability Score, Templates, and Low Light Vision can be purchased at any point in the creation process. The rest of the traits and disadvantages must be purchased at 1st level.

Increased Ability Score
Benefit: Gain a +1 to one ability score (a score can be raised to a max of 20 in this fashion)
Cost: Purchase DC 30, or 1 character point

Templates (descriptions can be found in d20 Future):
• Aquan:
Cost: purchase DC 34 or 4 character points
• Healer
Cost: purchase DC 34 or 4 character points
• Morphean
Cost: purchase DC 34 or 4 character points
• Noctrunal
Cost: purchase DC 34 or 4 character points

Extra Feat
Benefit: Gain one extra feat at first level
Cost: 2 character points

Low Light Vision
Cost: 3 character points or purchase DC 33

Benefit: gain a talent from a tree available to your basic classes or from another
Cost: 2 character points for your classes, 4 for outside your classes

Competence Bonus
Benefit: Choose one skill that is a class skill for your character. Whenever you use that skill you gain either a +2 or +4 bonus to that skill. Alternatively you may choose a skill that is not a class skill and make it a permanent class skill (you may invest points in it whenever you level up regardless of class). You may take this skill multiple times, each time you must choose a new skill.
Cost: 1 character point for a +2 bonus; 2 character points for a +4 bonus; 1 character point for making a skill a permanent skill

Reduced Wealth
Your family was hard working, but from a lower class.
Drawback: your starting wealth bonus is decreased by 5 (your wealth must be ≥5; this cannot reduce your wealth bonus below 0)
Benefit: You gain 2 character points

Exhausted Wealth
Though carelessness you have spent much of the wealth you originally started with
Drawback: your final wealth bonus is decreased by 8 (your wealth must be ≥8; this cannot reduce your wealth bonus below 0)
Benefit: gain 2 character points per 8 point decrease

Fewer Feats
Drawback you start with one or zero feats at first level
Benefit: you gain 2 character points per feat given up.

Nicotine Addiction
While cigarettes and tobacco have mostly disappeared at this point, many of the tobacco companies took over the nicotine patch companies and created nicotine products that were just as addictive as cigarettes, but with far fewer health effects.
Drawback: If a character goes for 24 hours without applying a new parch, or 4 hours without chewing a piece of gum they suffer a -1 penalty to all attack rolls and skill checks until they can get a source of nicotine, penalties disappear 1 hour after applying a patch or 2 minutes after chewing a piece of gum. Patches have a purchase DC of 7 for a box of 14, gum has a purchase DC of 7 for 170 pieces.
Benefit: gain 1 character point

Weak Immune System
Your body has difficult preventing infections from entering its system, and thus it is prone to sickness and disease.
Drawback: You take a –2 penalty on all Fortitude saves against poison, disease, and radiation sickness.
Special: You cannot take this drawback if you have the Ultra Immune System feat.
Benefit: gain 1 character point

Drawback: For the purposes of this game you cannot see any colors, though you can differentiate in intensity.
Benefit: 1 character point

Heat/Cold Susceptibility
Your body does not react well to particularly hot or cold temperatures.
Drawback: You take double damage from prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold.
Benefit: gain 1 character point

Drawback: subtract 5 feet from your movement score.
Benefit: gain 1 character point

Deep Sleeper
Your character is hard to rouse from sleep.
Drawback: you can only be woken from sleep through physical prodding or Succeeding on a DC 20 listen check (if loud noise is constantly being made checks can be made each round), and even then will not be fully able to act for 1d6 rounds (during this time treat as Dazed).
Benefit: gain 1 character point

Your character has difficulty falling asleep at night.
Drawback: The character must make a DC 15 Will save every night or be unable to get a full night’s rest. On a night a character does not rest fully their natural healing is ½ normal. The first night of no sleep results in -1 to all INT and WIS based skills for the first 4 hours of the day. A second consecutive night of no sleep leaves the character Fatigued when they wake up and a -2 to all INT and WIS based skills (until no longer fatigued at which point the penalty drops to -1 and disappears after 4 more hours). Three consecutive nights of no sleep have the character start the next day Exhausted and a -3 to all INT and WIS based skills (with penalties being reduced as above). More consecutive nights would have additional penalties. One night of sleep will cancel out the effects of two nights of not sleeping.
Characters suffering from this often buy sleeping aides which reduce the save to a DC 5 Will save. Such a product leaves the character comatose as if they had the deep sleeper disadvantage (characters already possessing this disadvantage must make a DC 15 Will save to wake up with prodding unless they suffer 3 or more points of damage, are drenched in cold water, or succeed a DC 25 listen check. In addition they are Dazed for 2d6 rounds). Such aides have a chance of forming an addiction (see below) (rules for gaining addiction pending). Note becoming addicted after starting your character does not gain you character points.
Benefit: gain 1 character point
Special: you cannot gain this disadvantage if you have taken the Morphean template

Addicted to Sleeping Pills
You have become addicted to sleeping pills.
Every night you must succeed a DC 15 Will save to resist taking the pills, unless you have chosen to, increase this DC by 1 for each consecutive night you have taken the pills to fall asleep. Failing the save and being unable to take the pills increase the DC to fall asleep to 25. Pills have a purchase DC of 7 for 30 pills.
Benefit: gain 2 character points

Your character is terrified of something; you may choose anything you want ranging from clowns to spiders to being alone (a phobia too absurd may not be allowed, unless it amuses me enough). You may take this disadvantage more than once, each time choosing a different phobia.
Drawback: You choose from Moderate or Severe. For a moderate phobia anytime you are exposed to your phobia (such as spiders) or forced to endure it (entering a small space) you must succeed a DC 18 Will Save or be forced to flee or avoid the encounter for 1d10 rounds. The DC is raised to 25 for severe.
Benefit: Gain 1-3 character points (the amount will be based upon the likelihood of encountering the phobia) for moderate, 2-6 for severe.

Your character suffers from a violent urge when exposed to a stimulus. The stimulus can be anything from an item, person, or situation (approval is needed).
Drawback: You choose from Moderate or Severe. For a moderate enragement anytime you are exposed to your stimulus (being touched on the head) you must succeed a DC 18 Will Save or be forced to attack the source of the stimulus and anything blocking or restraining you from getting to your stimulus for 1d10 rounds. After this time, check again every 1d10 rounds until you succeed. The DC is raised to 25 for severe. During the time you are enraged you gain a temporary +4 to STR and CON, +10 to speed, and a +3 to initiative. In addition you cannot use any WIS or INT based skills or operate complex devices.
Benefit: Gain 1-3 character points (the amount will be based upon the likelihood of encountering the stimulus)

Slow Healer:
Drawback: your character heals at half the normal rate.
Benefit: Gain 2 character points.

Missing Limb:
Your character is missing a limb.
Drawback: you must either have a cybernetic attachment or go without the benefit of that limb and all the penalties that go with it. Specifics will be handled on a case by case basis, but reduced speed and trouble with many skills could be expected.
Benefit: Gain 2 character points per limb lost or critical organ (heart or lungs); Gain 1 per major organ, foot, or hand. The loss of a hand or foot does not stack with the loss of that same arm or leg. The benefits of this disadvantage can only be taken four times. Choosing to take it more times can be done and may have other benefits given.

Your character feels a compulsion to perform certain actions under certain situations. Examples include never telling a lie, suffering from Obsesive Compulsive Disorder, to refusing to eat meat. Details will be worked out on a case by case basis.
Benefit: 1-4 character points based upon the amount of impact this has on a person’s daily life.

Your character is character is paralyzed from the waist down, preventing the use of her legs, despite the advances in neural regeneration.
Drawback: In this case you are not able to have cybernetic attachments because the damage has been caused by a disease or disorder that has stunted or deformed the nerves and has existed since birth. A character wishing to be a paraplegic from an accident would use the rules for missing limb and chose both legs above instead of these rules. As a result you must use alternative forms of locomotion.
Benefit: 5 character points

As a note alcoholic and drug addiction were a disadvantage being considered for 2 or 3 character points, but was disregarded for this game as it was considered unlikely that an alcoholic would have been successful enough to be included on this mission. If you think that your character could have we can discuss it.

Point Buys

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