Character Creation_WWII

  • Equipment: primarily from d20 Past, though anything that is listed as archaic from d20 Modern or Urban Arcana would be available or would be appropriate for the time period. We will be using the Wealth DC rules for purchasing starting equipment and later in the game
  • All characters start play with a traveling trunk, a few changes of clothes, and their passport
  • Advanced Classes Available
  • Point Buys
  • Setting Background_WWII

The characters will be meeting at the home of Dr. Gustav Sørensen on the island of Rønne in the Baltic Sea, a well noted historian known for his theories on mystical explanations for events in antiquity. Klemens Engel is a German clerk who has contacted Dr. Sørensen seeking a way to escape Germany and get vital information to the leaders of Great Britain and France. PCs may be arriving at Dr. Sørensen’s house having helped Klemens escape, or asked to come to help get Klemens from Dr. Sørensen’s to the next leg of his journey. Additionally, if the character has an academic or archeological background he may be visiting Sørensen to discuss his or their research.

Characters can be of any nationality, which does have some effect on potential advanced classes available. Nationality chosen will determine starting language (Speak and R/W). Considering the many nations that will be traversed, languages a character knows will be important (an explanation for why your character knows certain languages would be nice)

I will be making an NPC who can act as a doctor for the group so that no one needs to be healer if they don’t want to be, he can be a PCs henchman or just an NPC meeting at Sørensen’s house.

Character Creation_WWII

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