Advanced Classes Available_WWII

Unrestricted Advanced Classes:
• Dreadnought
• Explorer (d20 Future)
• Swindler
• Tracer
• Gunslinger
• Daredevil
• Bodyguard
• Field Scientist
• Field Medic
• Investigator
• Personality
• Negotiator
• Shadow Slayer
• Glamourist
• Shadow Hunter
• Speed Demon
• Street Warrior
• Thrasher
• Explorer (d20 Past)
• Mesmerist (d20 Past)
• Spiritualist (d20 Past)
• Flying Ace (d20 Past)
• Scientist (d20 Past)

Background/Occupation Restricted Advanced Classes:
• Soldier : Must have military occupation and training, and reason why not in army currently
• Field Officer: must have military/aristocrat occupation, have served in WWI and either a distinguished career or more aristocratic birth
• Infiltrator: soldier, spy, or private detective background

Race/Nationality Restricted Advanced Classes:
• Martial Artist: British Hong-Kong
• Shaman: (primitive starting occupation) Australian aborigine, African (British, French, Belgium), British Indian

Good Character Bio:
• Occultist
• Telepath: preferably British Indian
• Battle Mind: preferably British Indian
• Acolyte (type will be based upon nationality: voodoo, catholic, etc)
• Archaic Weaponsmaster: European
• Mystic
• Wild Lord
• Helix Warrior
• Xenophile
• Ecclesiarch Prestige Class
• Holy/Unholy Knight Prestige Class

Advanced Classes Available_WWII

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