Advanced Classes Available

This is the list of available advanced classes. Other advanced classes may become available based on events that occur during the campaign. Some of the classes below are either not recommended (NR) for this campaign or are available but may have issues at higher levels due to an incorporation of supernatural elements that may need to be worked out (*).

Some classes may require an explanation for why you are on this mission (Martial Artist, Infiltrator, Daredevil, Bodyguard, Investigator, Personality, Swindler, Glamourist, Street Warrior, etc)

From d20 Modern:
All available except: mage, acolyte, shadow slayer, and occultist
Telepath and Battlemind are available, but need some good reasoning as psionics are rare to non-existent

Urban Arcana:
Shadow Hunter, Shadow Jack (NR), Speed Demon (), Street Warrior, Swashbuckler, Thrasher, Wild Lord ()

From d20 Future:
Ambassador (NR), Dogfighter (NR), Dreadnought, Engineer, Field Officer, Helix Warrior, Space Monkey, Swindler, Technosavant, Tracer, Xenophile, Bug Hunter, Purfier (*), Concord Administrator, Starlaw Officer, Mecha Jockey

d20 Cyberscape
Bionic Agent, Cyberwarrior, Implant Hack

Advanced Classes Available

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