Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Session 5

World at War

After three months apart the group reconvened in Paris.

Vlad: easily slipped into Russia where he eventually found the resurrected Czar Nicolas II and Rasputin, he was filled with awe and accepted the Czar as his leader and became one of his soldiers.

Sam: developed a case of Typhoid from his encounter in Egypt with the sludge and spent several weeks recovering. He was later approached by Thomas Inskip, current Minister for Coordination of Defence, who feels the UK needs to be building up its military, but is currently opposed and looking to put together a covert strike force to stop the Nazis. Same also handed over the sword of ___, they had “acquired” in Egypt along with his notes taken since the group met at Dr. Sorensen’s home. The rest of his time was spent researching the Key of Solomon and the the newly acquired documents with Dr. Sorensen.

Andre: Spent his time going investigating various black market leads, related to the Key of Solomon and red light districts. He required a good amount of cash and a few shots of penicillin but found a few leads that suggested a church, Arles Cathedral, was built by individuals with an obsession with Solomon.

Josef: spent his time in the holy land researching Solomon and his binding of demons, while exploring the new powers his God had bestowed upon him.

Rosco: spent his time in the holy land guarding Josef, and getting high on opium

Bruno: spent his time at his academy in Italy working on his inventions and dodging questions about what he had been up to for all this time away from the academy. He then slipped away in the night to rejoin his companions.

The group discussed their several weeks of research and determined that the Knights Templar discovered the location of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and within it they found the Key of Solomon, along with the Throne of Solomon, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Seal of Solomon. Awed and fearful of the power of these holy artifacts, they divided and locked them away, fearful of what the enemies of God might do with them, but also aware that when the end of days comes they might be of great use in leading the followers of God against his enemies.

The documents discussed that the Key of Solomon was hidden away in a secret chamber beneath the Sphinx in Egypt. Three arcane locks prevent intrusion into this chamber, the first of which was transported to France and stored within Arles Cathedral. Much of the documents describing this were badly damaged, but the following pieces of information were still intact: a warded and secret chamber beneath the church would allow access to the key’s resting place, and that a Korban of incense by a devout leader of the faith would be necessary.

The group proceeded to the Church, where some of their more observant members noticed suspicious looking Germans waiting around and looking uncomfortable. The church was surprisingly empty when they entered it, and they noticed strange carvings in the architecture as well as small gold animals. Upon inspecting the altar, they found a secret panel that slid away to reveal a mosaic of Solomon’s Throne with spots where pins could be placed, which matched some of the gold animals they had seen. Bringing up what Josef remembered reading and Andre’s picking ability to check if a piece would fit, they began placing the animals in the slots, getting most correct, except for one (when this happened a demon was summoned and began attacking them, but it disappeared when the last piece was correctly placed). With the last piece in place there was a click and the altar could be swung open to reveal a small secluded area beneath. Entering there were writings on the wall of phrases from Solomon’s wisdom, and a room with a strange “pentagram” drawn in the floor. One of the members stepped into the circle and it’s markings began to glow, softly at first, then more brightly, until with a flash they were gone. The party tried stepping in the circle to follow, but nothing happened for several seconds, then slowly the markings began glowing again, and the party found themselves in strange location.

They appeared to be in a dilapidated temple, and the ground where they arrived had a similar looking circle of runes as those that had transported them here. In front of them was a fountain, filled with a bubbling black peutrid liquid. On the wall behind it was a statue of a terrifying angel, to their right was a raised area with an altar, and to their left was another raised area with a pit.

Explore the Church for the key of solmon, Rosco dies


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