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Session 4

World at War

After piling up debris in front of the door leading to the section of Ini-Herit’s tomb they broke into the group exited, with Rosco coming last, as he passed into the tomb of Sensunet he began taking out the scroll cases and breaking them open. He got through 4 of them before Sam and Vlad were able to intervene, and during the ensuing struggle, he managed to break open 2 more before being knocked unconscious by Vlad (during the scuffle Sam noticed that Rosco’s pupils were dilated). Josef’s inspection of the cases showed that the wax sealing the top of the cases was inscribed with runes of compulsion and charm.

The group debated about whether they should go back into the tomb and destroy the alien statue (with Bruno advocating for it) and Vlad asking if they couldn’t arrange for it to interfere with the Nazis. Ultimately Sam and Andre convinced the group to leave it well enough alone and make good on their escape with the scroll cases. During this conversation, no one noticed that Rosco had regained consciousness, and he opened one of the two remaining unopened cases, but not the last. The cases were split equally amongst the group and their workers mounted up all of the loot they got from Sensunet’s tomb and transported it back to Cairo.

In Cairo the group began to plan what they should do next, asking Dr. Sorensen, who said I have no idea. Vlad, however, received a telegraph from a contact about looking for some help arranging the sale of an artifact. The contact, Ali Farhi, had arranged the sale of an artifact, one of the bidders had been the Nazis, who were out bid, and now Ali has heard rumor that they plan to interfere with the sale. The group decided to take the job, especially since they could sell their plunder from Sensunet’s tomb at a better price there.

The group took a train from Cairo to Istanbul, and sold off the loot. They met with Ali, who discussed the details. The other buyer had been Dr. Lehrer, the sale would take place on The Orient Express after the train left from Budapest, and the artifact was documents detailing the location of the true Key of Solomon, a grimoire about how the 72 demons King Solomon trapped in Hell could be freed or more could be imprisoned.

The next morning the group got on the train and traveled north. After leaving Budapest the group accompanied Ali to the forward dinning car and met Gáspár, the buyer, his body guard and his archeologist. While the verification of the documents were going on Vlad was looking out the window and noticed what at first he thought were shooting stars, only to realize they were moving towards the train. Vlad dived under the table, his companions at first assumed he was having a PTSD episode. Shortly there after 9 Nazis wearing jet packs zoomed into view, 3 went towards the engine while others landed throughout the train. Shortly after a German voice announced over the train’s speakers that everyone was to make their way to the dining cars, and if all directions were followed no one would be hurt. The group tried to make their way with Ali and Gáspár back to their car, where all their weapons were (except for Rosco’s pistol and Andre’s daggers), however, the mass of passengers being pushed into the car prevented this.

Sam grabbed two steak knives and cut his palms, spreading bloody “war paint” on his face, and screaming charged at the passengers, who did their best to get out of the way of the crazed “savage.” Bruno grabbed a dining platter as a shield. Andre followed after Sam and climbed up onto the roof of the train. Vlad stood by the door to the dining car ready to through any nazis out of the window he had Rosco shoot out, then followed in Sam’s wake. Same and Vlad attacked the two Nazis, with Vlad fatally caving in the face of one of them, while Andre ran across the roof and came from behind. Seeing his companion brutally punched to death the other nazi surrendered (but got killed at some point don’t remember how or why, perhaps Bruno…?).

Bruno put on one of the rocketeer’s jet pack, and another train coming from the wrong direction of the opposite track pulled up next to theirs, and the voice over the speakers announced that if Ali and Gáspár did not give themselves up they would start executing prisoners, and that their was a bomb planted in the engine room. Andre climbed atop their car, leaped across to the other and then decoupled the train, while being attacked by other rocketeers. Bruno flew towards the engine to disable the bomb and was chased by the lead rocketeer to the engine room. Josef gathered the documents off of Ali to hide them, Gáspár gave up himself when the passengers were threatened by Nazis from the front of the car, and Josef ran off with the documents, and the Nazis gave chase, but Vlad and Rosco intervened and killed two more assailants. Sam launched one of the dead rocketeers into the other train, and then used their machine gun to blindly shoot at the soldiers in the other car.

With everyone needing to leave we story boarded the remainder:
Rosco quickly ran towards the engine car, and arrived just in time to find the lead rocketeer ready to kill Bruno, having threatened to drop a grenade into the Engine room with Bruno; at which point Rosco fired on him, setting off his jetpack. Andre near death managed to throw a dagger at the rocketeer targeting him, sending his jet pack into a tailspin and then leaping back to his train, and Sam continued fending off the assailants. Bruno easily disable the several bombs that had been wired into the room.

Epilogue for after everyone left:

With the engineers dead, Bruno assessed the controls and guided the train to a stop at the next stop of Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. During the short ride Dr.
Jørgensen treated the injuries of other passengers. Upon arrival in Bratislava, the authorities were notified and all passengers were unloaded pending investigation. All were interrogated. The PCs were at first considered to be instigators in the deaths of the four passengers, especially the Indian Sam Crowe, however, seeing as how they did nothing themselves to harm anyone other than the assailants, the deaths of the conductor and 1st engineer, and the planting of the bombs they were determined to have by chance acted correctly, though some public perception is that they could not have known this and were only lucky that these circumstances existed. No evidence was found to link Nazi involvement with the attack, and during the time of the investigation the German government denounced the attack as a despicable act by terrorist, and an exoneration of their right to be rebuilding their army to defend against such outlaws.

Gáspár, spooked by the attack has now backed out of the deal to buy the documents, leaving Ali without a current buyer, other than possibly considering selling them to Dr. Lehrer, who just tried to steal them and possibly kill him.


Quest Rewards (amount given each PC):
All PCs: +1 Reputation
Disabling the bombs: 500XP each PC
Preventing the Nazis from getting the documents: 1000XP ea
Saving Ali: 500XP ea
Saving Gáspár: 200 XP ea
Nazi Soldiers/Rocketeers (7): 525 XP
Nazi SS officer: 300XP
General Roleplaying (all except Taylor and Alex): 200XP
Individual Rewards:
Don: Spotting the Rocketeers, 50XP
Don: Intimidation of Nazis: 25 XP
Joe: Evaluation of Nazi Tech: 50XP
Josh: Creative use of Nazi jet pack: 50 XP
Chris: Disengaging the opposite train: +1 Luck Bonus to Balance checks

Session 4

Our wrap up was as follows:

Hearing that Ali still had the documents on the Key of Solomon for sale, with no buyer, Sam made contact with his department in Oxford about purchasing them, while waiting for them to arrive, Josef studied the scrolls from Ini-Herit’s tomb, and also opened the last remaining one, finding the following:
Rituals: Baleful Polymorph, Create Undead (Mummy), Create Undead (Zombie), Mystic Viel, Possession, Sigil of Algos, Quarz Compulsion, Subjugate Outsider
Arcane Spell Scrolls: Via Negativea (4th), Vampiric Touch (3rd), Bestow Curse (4th), Halt Undead (3rd), Greater Magic Weapon (3rd), Animate Dead (4th)

Josef then burned the Create Undead (Zombie) scroll, but reasoned that the mummy one was worth saving.

The group from Oxford came, validated the find and paid for the documents. At this point the group decided to go their separate ways and then meet up in Jerusalem in a few months. Sam and Dr. Sorensen went to Oxford, Andre followed them and then went to France to try finding any other details on the key, Vlad went to Russia to learn more about what was going on in his homeland, Bruno went back to Italy to work on inventions, Dr. Jorgensen is going to work at a hospital somewhere, and Josef and Rosco went to Jerusalem to commune with God.

At this point I believe, based on the XP given out last time that everyone is at 4th level. If you did level from last time and you have the profession skill, you can make a profession check during this off time to increase your wealth.

Session 4
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