Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Session 3

World at War

The group had gown down into the tomb of the merchant Sensunet on Christmas Eve, dug into the tomb of Ini-Herit into a tunnel and went west, quickly encountering a pit trap, then entered a room smelling of decay, Sam approached a well and was attacked by a sludge creature, which nauseated him. The group spread out and attacked, and eventually managed to subdue the creature. The group pressed on heading north down a corridor trapped with darts, the threat of which was avoided this time. The room at the end of the corridor contained an alien statue made of gold and gems, which when approached changed to steel and attacked. The group tried to combat it, but found their weapons mostly ineffective (since Taylor couldn’t even roll average damage on his gun). The group was forced to retreat, being chased by the statue. Bruno rigged the trap to not rotate for most of the group to run across and then reset it, which Rosco jumped across, but Andre fell into and was rendered unconscious and dying. While the statue was temporarily stopped by a blocked door the group pulled out Andre’s body, after which the statue charged them and fell down into the pit. Andre’s bleeding was stopped and he was stabilized while the statue dealt with getting out of the trap. Once out it attacked and dropped Rosco, but unable to chase through the tunnel eventually retreated, while Rosco lay dieing and Andre played dead.

The group badly injured returned to camp and Dr. Jorgensen performed surgery on almost all of them, and the group rested a few days before reentering the tomb. This time the group went east and entered a room with 2 other doors and 4 statues (Anubis, Sobek, Toth, and Horus). Searching the room they found a secret door hidden behind some stucco, when they went to open the door the statue of Anubis animated and attacked Andre (the one about to open the door). The group quickly determined that the statue was the Stone Demon they had read about. Rosco blew opium on it and Sam wielded the Kopesh, and it was soon defeated. The group opened the door, found a short hallway to a door, that was barred from their side with an inscription that warns against disturbing the tomb of Ini-Heirt and that his servants will hunt down anyone who does until all is restored. Upon entering the room they found 30 dessicated bodies, and bloody claw marks on the back of the door. There were two raised diases with tables bearing 4 scroll cases each. Above them was an inscription saying: “Knowledge can be freely taken, but the student must always pay a price”. There was also a door saying: Those who seek to defile his tomb or take his possessions shall be crushed. Leave now unless you intend to pay homage to him and raise him into a new century.

The group took the scrolls and then Andre entered the resting place of Ini-Herit, he grabbed some of Ini-Herit’s treasures, at which point the sarcophagus opened and a mummy emerged, terrifying most of the group and attacking Andre, who was knocked out. The mummy then reclaimed the two rings Andre had taken and place on his fingers, by ripping of the finger and retreating.

The session ended with the group on it’s way out of Ini-Herit’s tomb, but piling rubble up against the door into the room with the demon statue so that when Nazi’s got there they would have difficulty getting to where they entered from.

Current date is Dec 27, 1937


XP: (things with an * were given out in session and shouldn’t be double dipped, I’m watching you Taylor) (goes to all PCs)
Sewer Sludge: 300 XP* ea
Fussilade of Darts: 300 XP ea
Pit trap: 212 XP ea (don’t think this one was given out in the previous session)
“Stone Demon”: 212 XP ea
Hidden Door: 50 XP ea
Quest: Stop Nazis from getting Ini-Herit’s spells: 1500XP
Being present: 200XP

No XP for getting your asses kicked by the alien statue
Alex, Taylor, Joe: 50 XP roleplay
?Alex/Josh?: 50 XP to whoever of you two talked the mummy into only taking Chris’ fingers and not his life
Joe: 100 XP for setting trap for alien statue, even if it “killed” one of your companions
Chris: 50XP for blocking door and slowing down statue

Session 3
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