Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Episode 7

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

1st Session notes

The intrepid adventurers limped their way back to base camp, licking their wounds and feeling tired. They luckily were able to make it all through the night without incident, though Sam did notice two sets of eyes starring at him from the darkness during his watch. And spent another whole day resting and recuperating while Tanner and Corbet examined the surroundings.

The next day they made their way back to the temple, most of the group felt that they were being watched when they entered the abandoned city, and Tanner thought he saw at his periphery something humanoid. At the temple, Corbet went out to hunt on the outside of the ruins, while the group went in and began exploring the 2nd floor. They found sleeping quarters and what they assume to be a barracks, with strange depressions with raised mounds, which inspection made them suspect large snacks might have coiled around. They then went through a set of large stone doors up into the middle tower overlooking the entrance. They found a humanoid bed and several books, which the shape suggests are recent editions, which discussed the Rakshasa demon lord Prahasta, and how to ressurect him (this was odd as the city was believed to be Sām̐pa gām̐va, a naga city (the temple had also shown murals and and shrine to Mershaulk). While they were examining this, Sam was attacked by a Tiger with tentacles emerging from its back, which nearly killed him, but the group was able to quickly subdue it, and upon its death it revered to a normal tiger. Knowing their gunfire had alerted anyone in the temple to their presence, they quickly searched the remainder off the tower, but were attacked by two demonic tigers (like the ones the group fought in Solmon’s Sanctuary, which killed Rosco), and these nearly killed Andre and Sam but when defeated also revered to normal tigers. The group then made a hasty retreat back to base camp to recuperate.


Session 2 XP
XP: (All PCs except Bruno):
5th Level: 1293
6th Level: 1101

Tanner: 100 XP for skills
Tanner, Sam, Andre: 200 XP ea for discoveries made

Episode 7

Session 1 XP:
For all the characters present, they get the following XP:

5th Level : 2,055XP
6th Level : 1,740XP

Episode 7
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