Dead Gods Rising & Diesel Punk World at War

Episode 6

Grave Consequences

The group discusses goals and current projects, of which the two most pressing are put forth by Dyson and Givens (Dyson wants to search the cemetery for a book to help settle the souls of the dead, and Givens wants to go back into the park to rescue a fairy that has sent him a distress call). To compromise they send Durgan and McGovern out to see the Dryad to see if she can provide any intel. The rest of the group (with prvt. Wojtek) searches the cemetery and finds the mausoleum being searched for, enters and finds a hole has been opened into a subterranean chamber. Enter and start exploring when Wojtek was attacked (and killed) by a many legged spider thing with no head. Group retreats and performs surgery on Wojtek

The next day the group again goes back to the cemetery and explores more, encountering four Voor in a cavern. Return after one battle, and spend rest of cay preforming surgery on Wojtek again and performing repairs to the hummers.

The following day the group goes out scavenging, first a police station and then a grocery store. At the grocery store they are attacked by Thoon thralls and thoon infiltrators. A brief autopsy is performed on the thoon infiltrator, and the “bug” is removed and brought back to be further investigated by Dr. McGovern. Group goes out scavenging other nearby buildings without incident. Durgan and McGovern return with little new intelligence on the fairy.

Day 21:
Scavenge more stores and while doing so encounter a lone Draegloth, which they quickly defeat. Acquire a large amount of cheer food and a griddle stove, which they install in the aquarium. Use this that night to cook rations and share a keg of beer with whole group.
Day 22:
Perform cybernetic surgery on Wojtek to install fortified skeleton and feat progit from Salim Gaven (Day 17).
Day 23:
All members from the spaceship return to base and spend day recuperating from hyperoxia. Givens gives orders to start sending out scouting parties to survey local plants for food and medicinal uses.
Day 24: (June 29th, 2395)
Spaceship group returns to Dakkur and then group heads to hospital in northeast corner of the city to look for equipment to set up an oxygen stable room in the aquarium. While there a trap is sprung and find themselves in a Deepspawn’s layer. After a lengthy battle, the group was victorious, and after quickly patching their wounded returned to the aquarium to rest and recuperate.
Day 25: (June 30th, 2395)
The group searches nearby cars for fuel and usable parts, and then goes out to scavenge more from some local shops and find many useful supplies. At the marina they secure a boat and a small portable fuel tank, and are attacked by some spanthi reavers from the river. Afterwards they return with their goods to the base.


Personal Journal Entry from Prvt. Casey Crimson:

2650 June 22, 8: 00 PM
The group returned today with three genetic freaks, a robot, which claims to be self-aware, and Dr. Petrova. They fought off several of the local cannibals while exploring the Carnegie building, but haven’t suffered any further casualties. Arhn Dyson showed up while they were gone, apparently recovered from his sickness, keeping my distance just in case, no one else has gotten sick, so may be it was just just something he ate. Dr. Petrova is back now, but she is constantly wearing blackout goggles, and has a weird floating robot orbiting around her constantly, another power drain on our resources.

2650 June 23, 8: 00 PM
We’ve been put to work preparing an area next to the river for building a water wheel to help provide some extra and free power. Our leadership all took off on some mission and returned with the body of some guy, which McGovern started dissecting for cybernetics, a very disturbing thing to watch.

(This session)
2650 June 24, 8: 00 PM
Today Durgan and McGovern were sent by themselves out into the local park. Durgan tried going by himself, but the rest of the leadership was having nothing of it… not sure why anyone would want to go off on their own on this planet. The rest of them went out into the cemetery for some reason, lead by Arhn Dyson, a couple hours later we were all called in to help pull the body of the bear freak Wojtek out from a cavern beneath one of the mausoleums. We all thought he was dead, but Givens was able after a couple hours to bring him back to breathing… more the pity, there’s enough freaks here already without needing to maintain these new ones.

2650 June 25, 8: 00 AM
I must admit that Wojtek is stronger than I would have thought, he just had surgery all night and now he’s back with the leadership exploring the cemetery, again. Maybe they’ll all die out there this time. We’re all going to die, I can just feel it, who knows how long we have left. I keep having these dreams, I think I’m loosing my mind, no way out… no way out… no way outtttttttttttt!

Episode 6

If you don’t know how much XP your character had at the start of this past session then you have: 15,000 XP; next level is at 21,000 XP.

First session of this episode
XP (for all PCs present):
Killing things: 2,150 XP

2nd Session for this episode
PCs Present: 1459 XP
Givens: +50 XP for decision to start having scavenging groups collecting plants to investigate medicinal uses.

3rd Session for this episode (2/28)
Alex, Josh, Mason: 1000XP
Petrova: +200 XP for crafting

4th Session for this episode (3/13)
All PCs: 1734XP
All PCs (except Durgan): 1029XP

Episode 6
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